How do we charge?

By the Hour:
This is the method most Aneka Interiors Inc clients use. The designer assists you on an hourly, as-needed basis, relaying ideas which you are free to implement as you see fit. Successful design work is achieved by taking the time to fully understand clients, their needs, desires and lifestyles. This evolves over the life of the project, as every project lives and changes throughout its lifespan. Fees vary depending on designer expertise and complexity of the project.

Fee Based (set price):
The designer reviews the project to establish a complete scope of services. Then a bid is submitted (a set price), typically based on the number of hours, square footage, or various other methods. The fee is paid in increments through the life of the project or as items are received and delivered or services are rendered. A method to include extra design time is usually included in the agreement if the client realizes additional assistance is needed.

Square Foot Based (set price):
With this method, pricing for the project is based on a square-footage basis for the spaces under consideration and the complexity of finish and detail.