Interior Design Process

The interior design process can be time consuming, overwhelming, confusing and frustrating. There are so many choices today in interior finishes, fixtures, and furnishings, making it hard to make a decision. Our design process is tailored to help you work through the design process while feeling confident with each decision in keeping with the end result so the client understands and is comfortable with the ultimate look and feel before selections are finalized. Through excellent planning and documentation we help avoid costly mistakes and changes.

Aneka Interiors Inc employs the following Design Process on our projects. Each project is unique and client requirements vary so the process may also vary slightly but the process is generally as follows:

    • Initial Consultation: This preliminary client meeting is perhaps the most important step of our professional relationship. At this time we meet face-to-face to discuss project goals, design requirements, priorities, budget, schedule and fee structure.
    • Design Service Agreement: The basic parameters of your project, budget and design fees are agreed upon.
    • Survey & Initial Design: The designer takes initial field measurements, photographs and documents specific needs and requirements the client has for his/her project. The designer then begins preliminary space plans and two-dimensional design concept studies and sketches integrating the client’s needs. The designer generally assembles recommendations for the client and then together, the designer and the client select colors, materials and finishes to appropriately convey the design concept.
    • Finalize Design & Specifications: Again, the designer will make recommendations and provide the client with options. Together, the designer and client will select and specify furniture, hardware, fixtures & equipment. The designer will recommend millwork, tile and cabinetry designs, draw detailed elevations and include product specifications. The detail provided in this phase helps all contractors and trades people provide accurate pricing and bids for products and services.
    • Project Management & Implementation: The designer will provide bids for products we specified and plan to supply. She will also coordinate field measurements and site visits with contractors, sub contractors and suppliers, and conduct site meetings with contractors and sub contractors to go over design details, fixture placement and other design details in question. Finally, we arrange for delivery and installation of tile, fixtures, furniture and other products we supply.
  • Follow-up & Evaluation: During the project, we conduct frequent job walk-throughs to develop punch list for items that need to be resolved pre & post occupancy. We also follow-up in 6 months and 1 year after move-in assuring there is high client satisfaction.

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