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Time to update! Remodels are on the rise

Remodels in the multifamily and senior living market segments constitute a large portion of the commercial projects that are available to designers, aside from new construction, and we partner with many owners and developers each year to refresh their properties. Our customers hire us to help update their building’s amenity spaces or units for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to modernize outdated furniture, finishes and fixtures, which helps maintain the overall appeal of the building for existing, new, or prospective residents. Let’s face it-there are endless new options in Denver right now for prospective residents, so by keeping up with the competition, we help our customers revive the spaces that have lost their appeal, to make a new and lasting impression. This also gives us a chance to evaluate how the space is currently being used and if there are things we can do to improve the overall function or change it altogether.

(Case Study below, and the solutions provided are specific to a senior, assisted living environment)

Aneka Interiors has been working on a number of remodel projects with Holly Creek Retirement Community over the last couple of years, and we wanted to share a newly completed, resident approved success story. Holly Creek has a special place in our hearts, as it’s employees and residents have created a friendly, heartwarming community- where everyone knows your name… you literally cannot leave this building without making a new friend!

We completed a remodel of the community library, and had a Grand Re-opening for the residents the day before Thanksgiving, 2015.

Let’s discuss the “before” picture of the library first.
There were a few things that immediately stood out to us as things that could be improved upon. First was the rug on the floor-a hazard to a senior population where walkers and wheelchairs are abundant. Second was the over-sized, upholstered sofa and chairs whose seats had been well-used and thus have sunken in over time, plus the depth and height of the seats (too deep and too low)- this can make it difficult for even the average person to get in and out of easily. The chairs at the computer desks were difficult to pull out or push in and were very heavy. Our goal was to create a new concept and color scheme that would create a feeling of comfort and liveliness, that would be welcoming and appealing to those we were designing for.

(Click on picture to enlarge)
Library Before
We created two color boards for the residents to choose from, and through a voting process, that was facilitated and overseen by the Executive Director, Jayne Keller, the residents selected the “sea-glass inspired” concept.

From that board, we created what you see below!
We used different carpet patterns to create an inset rug for the seating area-no more trip hazards! And new paint colors to brighten and accent our main concept color of “sea-glass”. The furniture provided is made specifically for seniors, with a firmer cushion, higher seat, and less depth. We provided rolling chairs for the computer desks (that have arms to assist those getting in and out of them). The dining style tables are to be used for activities, and the chairs for this use have castors on the front two legs only, to make it easier to pull chairs out and push in. The new artwork and accessories add more color to the room, and removing the blinds on the windows behind the previous drapes allows an increased amount of sunlight to filter through the new sheers. Functionally speaking, we improved upon the circulation of the space with smaller scale furniture, while maintaining the same number of available seats. We also fulfilled a need requested by the residents for more shelving- we added 1/3 more bookshelves to the perimeter wall space (not all shelving is pictured).

(Click on picture to enlarge)
Completed Library

We have received positive feedback from residents and employees alike since the re-opening of the library, and are glad to have been able to deliver another successful design!

Thanks for you interest in our projects and have a great rest of the week!
-The Aneka Interiors Team

Denver Office Anniversary, new designer & project updates!

We have officially had our Denver Interior Design studio up and running for a little over a year now, and we finally feel like everything has actually been unpacked! Moving an office is a lot of work, and luckily Denver affords us the opportunity to use more of the local sample libraries and resources so we have a lot less “stuff” to keep track of, and lots of new exciting resources for our customers! Keeping up with the resources for any interior design office is an ongoing task, and we welcomed a new designer and CSU grad, Mackenna Johnson, in August to help us manage some of those items & all of the projects we have going on too! Mackenna has been a real asset these last couple of months, and we are excited to have her and her talent on board.

In celebration of us settling into the Denver Design market and the new office, it seems time we post some of the office pictures from our Grand Opening in January that we just never got around to posting months ago. As usual, it has been a busy year!

Located near 10th & Lincoln in downtown Denver, our new building has a lot of character- original floors, brick walls, and many other unique design features that make it one of a kind. Sort of perfect for interior designers right? Pictures are below, so take a look!

Winter 2015 002

Smoked Oak Bar

Smoked Oak Bar

Winter 2015 004

Winter 2015 005

Winter 2015 006

Winter 2015 011

With help from some of our favorite craftsman; Gerhard Oehrlich owner of Concrete Design, LLC, Genesis Innovations-, we installed a few of our own unique features too! Aneka Designed the custom coffee bar with smoked oak cabinet doors floating shelves and a reclaimed wood top, custom concrete island, and our beautiful sliding barn door (where we hide all the samples!).
Stay tuned for our next blog posts that will recap the projects we’ve been working on to include Avenue 8 Apartments in Denver , Rosemark at Mayfair Park Assisted Living, and a few beautiful custom homes and remodel projects. Thanks to our customers and vendors for all of the support, 2015 has been an action packed year!

Mid-Century Multifamily Project in Denver by Aneka Interiors

Over 2 years in the making, the first building of Avenue 8 at Mayfair is complete and 100% leased!

Aneka Interiors was hired by Rosemark Development Group in late 2012 to begin the conceptual redesign of the Avenue 8 at Mayfair property. Previously leased as dorms to the Art Institute of Colorado, the owners embarked on a two phase, complete overhaul of this property. The first phase, which included demolition of the 4th, Southernmost tower to create a parking lot, and a complete gutting of Tower 3 to redesign the floor plans of each apartment and the amenity spaces, was completed in Spring 2015. Phase II, and the two remaining buildings is underway now, and is scheduled to complete early Fall 2015- this phase will include an indoor dog exercise area and a rooftop deck looking West to the Rocky Mountains, along with the remaining apartments to be remodeled, for a total of 163 units.

Senior Designer of Aneka Interiors, Lindsey Braddock has worked with the owners from concept to completion of phase I, and continues to work with the owner and contractor on phase II. A variety of services have been provided beginning with concept discussion & implementation, and ranging from interior space planning, material selection, lighting fixtures, hardware, millwork, tile, cabinetry designs, and consultation on exterior paint colors & design, to interior & exterior furniture procurement, including furniture & accessories for the model unit.

This project is one of a kind and we are so proud to be a part of it. It is exciting when you get to work with a team that is interested in creating something unique. Projects such as this one present many challenges throughout the design and construction process, due to the age and nature of the building. We are proud to have been a part of the evolution of these buildings! There is nothing more rewarding than a completed project that meets all of the criteria the client set forth.

Check out the pictures below of the exterior before & after! See our facebook post for the interior photos!


Before pictured below









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