Aneka Kerlin Principal and Founder of Aneka Interiors

A Colorado native, Aneka knew from an early age that she was interested in architecture and design. After studying architecture and drafting in high school, she went on to graduate from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and started Aneka Interiors in 1999. Since then, Aneka’s design expertise has proven invaluable for all of Aneka Interior’s projects, ranging from luxury custom homes to commercial developments.

Aneka is an adventurer at heart. In 2001 she took a 2-year hiatus from design to sail the Caribbean on a sailboat named Sea Dreams. Since then, she has experienced many more places and cultures that continue to inspire her designs and excite her spirit. At home in Denver, you can find Aneka with her ultimate adventure buddy and husband, Brian, and their fur baby, Paisley.

Mackenna Johnson Interior Designer

With a lifelong interest in aesthetics and design, Mackenna started her design education at Savannah College of Art and Design, and ultimately graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Mackenna’s design knowledge and style evolves with each new project, but she particularly delights in fixture and furniture specifications.

Mackenna’s primary design motivation is to create pieces of beauty that can be shared. She believes in pursuing inspiration found in the ordinary moments of everyday life, such as a glass of crisp white wine or a soulful Sunday spent reading and writing. In her free time Mackenna shares some of her favorite moments and inspiration on her blog, Chasing Whimsy.

Kelly Allen Junior Interior Designer

As a graduate of Colorado State University, Kelly worked to achieve a degree in Interior Design along with Minors in Business as well as Global and Environmental Sustainability. While pushing to incorporate Sustainability in all aspects of the design process, Kelly excels in computer rendering, space planning, and conceptualizing design solutions.

Kelly seeks to find the highest potential in every design and build. She believes the occurrence of inspiration can highly push the changes needed to take a space from satisfying to honorable. Design inspiration can come through both the small and large aspects of life. Her concept development can be driven from natural elements, everyday experiences, or even a life changing impact.


Creative, Dedicated, Authentic, Boutique

Aneka Interiors is a boutique design firm, comprised of multi-talented designers that use their diverse skill sets to deliver innovative interiors that are equal parts functional and beautiful.

Creating Spaces that Inspire People to Engage

Aneka Interiors is a boutique design firm, comprised of highly-qualified designers that work collaboratively to create inspired and unique interior environments. Our wide range of clientele; residential to senior living, homeowner to corporate customers, all desire to elevate their spaces and engage with their environments.

We do this because we care. Our passion is to create spaces that reflect your vision and bring joy and comfort. We care for people by creating spaces where they feel at home, yet function beautifully. With over 20 years of design experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and attention to detail to put your mind at ease through the design process. addition to our aesthetic design, our project management and technical drawing skills, ensure our projects are on budget, on time, and align with your vision.


We believe that honest communication and open collaboration, creates an environment where every member of the team and each client feels valued and inspired.


Aneka Kerlin

Principal and Founder

Mackenna Johnson

Interior Designer

Kelly Allen

Junior Interior Designer


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