14 June Aneka Interiors Inc. Core Values

Posted at 5:35 PM

Aneka Interiors has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, and with that came a re-alignment with our company’s values and mission. We are a team of people that believe living meaningful lives inspires our creativity and elevates our designs. We love the work we do, the people we work with, and the greater impact it can have on the community. Below we’d like to share the values that help inform every interaction and project we engage with. 

Coming to our first core value, it was important for our team to unify with the qualities that we find most enriching in one another. By understanding who we are, it helps us approach each client, trades-person and friend with authenticity.

Establishing a collective belief in the value and reason behind our work was important to unite our team. It serves as the consistent through-line that helps inform every choice we make when we approach new projects and designs. 

While we have combined decades worth of experience, we approach each project as a blank slate. Every client, trade partner and community that we work with deserves the same dedication and attention to detail. Each client and community is special and unique, which continues to challenge and inspire our work to be crafted specifically for that project. 

We love who we work with. Our office culture has been specifically curated to be an environment that is creative, supportive and welcoming. By establishing this code of conduct within our team’s personal environment, it helps us transition these values into how we engage with each new project and client. We love meeting new people, challenges and cultures, and believe the respect we show each other translates beyond just our team. 

The final piece to our core value puzzle is in how we live outside of the office. Having a work-life balance not only keeps our team engaged with our personal day-to-day, but it allows us room to explore the passions and hobbies that are unique to each individual. Traveling, trying new Restaurants, and engaging with local art and cultural events all inspire us as people and designers. 

By sharing our core values, we hope that we not only keep each other accountable, but our clients and partners do as well. We believe in the work we do, that good design can enrich the lives of everyone, and hope to be trusted with this important work for many years to come. 

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