5 April Before and After- Commons Elk Grove

Posted at 10:00 AM

Before and After photos of our Commons Elk Grove renovations.

The Commons Elk Grove is an Assisted Living & Memory Care community located in Elk Grove, CA. The Elk Grove Community Refresh focused on updating the previous 1990’s “Tuscan” design theme with a more blended contemporary/transitional approach. The goal was to compete with new builds in the area and increase occupancy. The main areas of focus for this refresh were:
We found a multitude of ways to maintain budget on this project by keeping existing costly materials such as granite and existing casework, but changed the look with minimal construction alterations, featured accents, new hardware, and new paint. The design concept for this refresh was termed “Vivacious Retreat”. We maintained a balance between warm and cool tones, provided a bright and fresh new look, revitalized the community with a new felt energy, and did so on a minimal budget!

Grand Lobby





Private Dining



Media Room

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