1 July Before and After- MorningStar of Applewood

Posted at 3:26 PM

Before and After photos of our MorningStar of Applewood renovations.

The MorningStar of Applewood is an Assisted Living & Memory Care community located in Lakewood, CO. The community consists of 2 buildings; the main building home to approximately 80 units: 60 Assisted Living and 25 Memory Care, and the Lodge building is solely Memory Care and has 22 units. The community refresh focused on updating the previous 1990’s “Tuscan” design theme with a more transitional approach inspired by the design concept “Contemporary Craftsman.” The result is a stunning community refresh that feels both “updated” and consistent with the local neighborhood and history. The project had a tight budget, so we prioritized keeping existing costly materials such as  existing casework and corridor carpet, but changed the look with minimal construction alterations, featured accents, new hardware, and new paint. 

The main areas included in the scope of work include :





Private Dining


AL Activity Room


MC Dining & Bistro

MC Activity Room

MC Living Room

The Lodge MC areas of work include:

The Lodge Entry & Living Room

The Lodge Dining Room

The Lodge Activity & Music Room

The Lodge Library

The Lodge Media Room

The Porch

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