9 November Fall Color Mix- Caramel Apple Martini Interior Design Color Inspiration

Posted at 5:12 PM

Fall Color Mix- Caramel Apple Martini

Looking for the perfect fall drink to enjoy while the seasons change? Look no further. The Caramel Apple Martini inspired us to pull together interior design color inspiration for a cozy bedroom filled with warmth and rich textures that mirror the falling leaves and crisp autumn air. The mixture of deep oranges and muted greens add the perfect pop to a minimal yet sophisticated space, allowing us to forget the stresses of what’s been going on outside our front doors and sink safely into autumn bliss.
This sweet, spiked treat is the perfect way to bid adieu to arguably the strangest and most stressful year yet, one in which many of us have spent an abnormal amount of time hanging around our homes and possibly even lying in bed!
So, cozy up in your bedroom oasis, enjoy some interior design color inspiration and sip on this fall treat while we wait for 2021 to bring a much needed fresh start.
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1. Prepare your martini glasses by dipping the rim in caramel.
2. Mix all ingredients in a shaker over ice.
3. Lastly pour the shaken drink into pre-rimmed glasses!
Recipe found Here