23 October Curb Side Appeal with the Color of the Year

Posted at 9:38 PM

Curb Side Appeal with Sherwin William’s 2020 Color of the Year

Every year, as designers we get excited to see what colors and trends will take off in the year to come, serving as major interior design inspiration. In the design world, trends are constantly changing and evolving so it’s our job to keep everyone up to date, and one easy way to do that is highlighting Sherwin William’s 2020 Color of the Year.
Before the cold winter weather settles in, take a last minute look at the exterior of your home. Could it use a face-lift? If so, don’t stress about completely redoing the entire home, but a fresh coat of trim paint, easy DIY shutters, or even painting your door could be a simple way to freshen up your curb appeal! If you’re feeling even more ambitions, and have the resources, why not go for it with a full redo?
2020’s  Sherwin William’s Color of the Year takes us“Beyond the Blue…” highlighting their color Naval. It’s one of our favorite navy’s that we use time and time again, and one that we think will “set sail” this upcoming year!

Exterior Inspiration Images

How can home owners incorporate this color into their home? There are so many ways, but we are going to focus on the “cover of the book”… the exterior! Let’s set sail with some inspiration we’ve highlighted below to help showcase ways in which you can use 2020’s Color of the Year in your own home.

Create a Color Scheme

Analogous color schemes are some of the easiest color pallets to pull together. Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene designs, and are often found in nature. This circles back to our most recent post about bringing nature back into the built environment, and color is one more easy way to do that.

Highlight Additional Accents

Brass or Copper Accents

Adding in brass accents can be as easy as switching out door hardware, address numbers, or even exterior light fixture.

Complimentary Natural Stone

This Art-Deco inspired color can be easily paired with natural stone to tone down, and highlight this vivid Navy hue.

Feature Wood

A final addition that can be added beside this gorgeous color of the year, are natural woods, which creates a calm and welcoming vibe.