13 September Adding Texture with Drapery

Posted at 8:30 AM

Drapery is an easy way to add color, texture and a more dimension to a space.

If cherries are the final touch to the perfect ice-cream sundae, then drapery is interior design’s delightful cherry topping.
Not only do drapery treatments add the necessary privacy and sun protection, they can also be the missing element that pulls the whole design together.

Living Room

In this project, it was important to add some necessary sun protection to the western facing windows. We wanted a drape that would filter enough light into the room so we don’t loose all the glorious sunlight, but still provide some protection to the furniture and from the hot afternoon heat.

Dining Room

After installing this beautifully textured reclaimed wood wall, we wanted some drapery that wouldn’t compete, but still pull the whole room together. Selecting another geometric pattern mimics patterns found on the console, while adding a pop of color that’s found in the coordinating dining room rug.

Master Bedroom

For this space we wanted to create the ultimate oasis. Soft and serene, with muted colors, the drapery add simple texture, while providing necessary privacy for a master bedroom.
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