21 December Holiday How-to: Wrapping The Perfect Package 

Posted at 4:35 PM

Designer tips for creating unique and elegant packaging that wow your friends and family.

In part 3 of our Holiday decorating series, we’re offering some exciting and easy tips to creating show stopping packages for under the tree!
Everyone grab your wine, your scissors, and some scotch tape… it’s not time to call it quits on the Holiday decorating yet! One item that tends to be missed is the one that can really make all the difference. This holiday design element can wow your friends and family while being easy and inexpensive. Gift wrapping is a simple way to be playful and creative while keeping things looking classy and cohesive. So again, fill up those wine glasses and let’s have some fun getting creative while wrapping that pair of socks you bought your Grandpa!

1. Chose your Color Scheme

You can look back at our most recent blog titled Holiday Tablescapes,. We talk about setting a certain tone so there is a solid connection throughout your home. Here are a few examples to spark your imagination.

2. Select your Key Components

When we say this, we are referring to items like wrapping paper, boxes, bags, or ribbon. These basic items will act like the blank canvas for your soon to be premium wrapping job! Mixing styles like wrapping paper, decorative boxes, and festive bags will keep things looking dimensional under the tree. Below are some inspiration images to help inspire your gift wrapping foundation.

3. Get Fancy

Who says wrapping packages must stop with basic paper and a bow stuck on top? There are so many other ways to dress up presents! For example, we like to add different textured items like tulle, bells, burlap, or even greenery. These are an inexpensive way to push your packaging over the top.

4. The Final Touch

What is an ice cream sundae without a cherry on top? When it comes to gift wrapping, don’t sell it short by slapping on some basic store-bought sticker for your name tag. Name tags are another easy way to be sure no gift goes unwrapped. Small details like this can be as simple as a piece of colored paper tied to the bow, or over-scaled handwritten names on card stock. See a few fun inspiration images below.
We hope you’re feeling newly inspired, and armed with a few new tricks to add to your holiday decorating repertoire. Don’t let those gifts under the tree go “un-glammed” this holiday season. These simple and easy tricks will truly wow each one of your loved ones.
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