26 August How To – Selecting the Perfect Bath Sconce

Posted at 3:52 PM

How to Select The Perfect Bath Sconce

As home owners, designers,interior lovers, and DYI’ers, we all want to find opportunities to add excitement to our spaces. While many areas focus on paint color, accessories, or furniture selections, the bathroom tends to need more love.

The last thing we want is our bathrooms feeling cold and clammy, so before adding in the cozy plush towels and fun accessories, there is one key component to help soften the space. That is… Lighting!
In the bathroom, lighting can act as both a functional and aesthetic piece. Finding that perfect wall sconce can be quite the task, but we promise it will pay off in the end!
Keep reading for a few tips that will help you find that magical piece, that will keep your bathroom feeling warm, inviting, and functional.
1. Selecting the size, placement, and quantity.
When selecting the correct size of fixtures, a good rule of thumb is they should be about 1/3 to ½ the size of your mirrors. Average placement for the light source should be 66″ to 72″ above the floor. Along with size and placement, optimizing the opportunity for scones is great, but usually 2 to 3 will do the trick based on your vanity size and mirror count.
2. Selecting your finish.
This is a rather easy portion of the process. If you have already selected your plumbing fixtures, it is usually best to match that finish. In one of our favorite projects below, we opted for a touch of the polished nickel in the fixtures, in combination with other metal accents throughout the space. To really elevate the design, the seeded glass and black metal add even more dimension.
3. Selecting your style/ concept.
In the image below, we wanted to combine both modern, and traditional style. Between the modern vanity concept and sink, mixed with the elegant wall paper and traditional handing pendant, this creates a fun and interesting bathroom.
4. Now to be unique and add texture!
In our design below , Aneka Interiors Inc. related the texture on the sconces to the wallpaper to create some cohesion. The design was able to use unique sconces, while still keeping the feel timeless and elegant. Don’t be afraid to utilize items that have multiple light sources or combine multiple finishes and textures.
With this how-to, we hope that you can use these amazing spaces by Aneka Interiors Inc. as inspiration. Don’t let your bathrooms stay cold and clammy. Brighten them up with the perfect wall sconce!