6 June Hygge- How to Embrace the Cozy Danish Concept in Design

Posted at 6:47 PM

Like everything in life there are seasons and trends. For the last few years we’ve been in a heavy season of cool tones- soft blues and grays above all else, but we’re slowly starting to see a shift back towards warmer, creamier neutrals with off-whites and soft beige.
Another trend/ concept we’ve seen get major attention in the last year is the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh).
In all our projects, especially residential, we strive to make each living space feel comforting, inviting, and a reflection of the users. We love the idea of Hygge, and bringing a sense of cosiness and charm to your space regardless of the season. So we’ve come up with six easy ways for your to introduce the concept of “Hygge” into your own home.
1. Natural Woods
Bringing more natural elements into your space is an easy way to make it feel cozy and warm. We love live edge wood tables and naturally stained cabinets.
2. Simplify
Our current lifestyles are always crammed with more. More meetings, more gadgets, more toys. But sometimes creating a space that is free from all those distractions and clutter can help you live presently and lift your mood with a simplified space.
3. Add More Greenery
Introducing more plant life into your space is an easy way to bring the outdoors in, and re-connect ourselves to nature.
4. Soften Your Space
Adding more texture and layers to your space is an easy (and seasonally changeable) way to create more dimension and make a space feel soft and comforting.
5. Display What You Love
So much of Hygge is about a feeling. Feeling happy, and thankful in your space is easily done when you showcase photos, collections and mementos that bring you joy.
6. Embrace Candlelight
Lighting is always a key element in any design space, and adding a little more candlelight to your home creates a warm and relaxing environment. Host a summer dinner surrounded by friends and family, and decorate the table with candles that will help you embrace the longer summer evenings.