9 October Trend Watch- Au Natural- Interior Design Trends are Returning to Natural Elements

Posted at 8:30 AM

Trend Watch: Au Natural

As we move into the final months of 2019, we like to see where we thought interior design trends and inspiration were going, and where they’ve actually gone. The biggest Interior Design trend we can note this year is a return to “Au Natural”. From color pallet, to materials, there’s an overwhelming design consensus that people are craving a “less is more” approach.
Stay tuned below for how you can add a little bit of “Au Naturale” to your own space!


Adding in naturally occurring fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen and leather, gives your space a cozy, lived-in vibe. These materials don’t have any of the other man-made chemicals that synthetic fibers bring to your space, so you can feel healthy surrounded by beautiful materials.


Biophilia is the “need for nature”. It’s the belief that humankind has an innate need for nature and the greater sense of connection that nature brings to human existence. This is easily achieved through daylight, plant life and natural materials such as stone and wood. By bringing the outdoors into your space, you’ll feel a greater sense of belonging and serenity.


What’s more natural than being nude?! Introducing nude or “feminine” tones into your space evokes a calming environment. Soft pinks and dusty tones, liven and soften an outdated space.


One of our favorite elements in this “natural” trend is light wood floors. Lighter floors keep the space feeling bright and airy. Lighter floors reflect more light, while still giving you depth and “richness” because of the natural texture.


Political or not, there’s push to use more materials and products that support a healthier environment. The happier our planet is, the happier we’ll be. Introducing products that are sustainable is an easy way to support a healthier planet. With the resurgence of “handmade artisans” there’s all sorts of beautiful products being made on a local level. By shopping locally, you support both your local economy, and more sustainable shopping.
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