Carmel Oaks Community Refresh

Carmel Oaks is an Independent Living community located in the heart of Lakewood, CO. This community won Best Independent Living from U.S. News & World Report 2023-2024. The occupied renovation was completed January 2023 and focused on upgrades to the exterior as well as interior. The main areas of interior focus were: Vestibule, Lobby, Coffee shop, Patio (off Main Dining room), conversion of a previous Private Dining Room into an active Multi-Purpose Studio, and all new Corridor flooring throughout the community. It was important to our client that we coordinate the new design with the existing transitional aesthetic and were encouraged to add contemporary undertones. The design concept for this refresh was termed “Subtle Sophistication”. All affected amenity areas were redesigned with the met intention to provide a sense of elevated sophistication, while meeting flexibilities in function, and to inspire resident interaction and engagement at all times of the day.
Notable highlight:
The main entrance now provides an elegant and impactful first and last impression to the community. The clear glass windows and doors now usher in more natural light, and provide intentional visibility from the interior to the exterior. A new 2-story centralized fireplace feature wall, invokes a sense of warmth while providing a stable backdrop for friends and family members to gather. The guests are now greeted with refreshment offerings from a beverage station directly next to the centralized seating area. The new high impact reception desk design yields: clean lines, warm wood tones, contrasting white waterfall quartz accents, and a full-height wood wall feature serves as a commanding and grounding backdrop. The combination of all design elements provide an impactful sense of welcoming to anyone entering the community, and gives the existing residents a joyful sense of pride to call it home.


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