Clermont Park- Pines Café

The Clermont Park Pines Cafe and Community refresh focused on the Lobby, Livingroom, Fireside Lounge and “Bistro”. Inspired by the state’s slogan “Colorful Colorado”, the design focuses on providing a bright and tranquil place that promotes community engagement and connection with nature. The modern design reimagines the sense of space, with increased flexibility that feels both wide-open as the Colorado sky, but as intimate as gathering around a campfire. Utilizing rich colors and textures, the design brings a sense of warmth the community is known for but doing so in a fresh color pallet and new integrated technologies.
There is a real sense of community ownership for Clermont Park Pines Café as residents and team members were integral voices within the redevelopment plan, voting on design elements, participating in discussion circles, and offering meaningful input on everything from chair selections to artwork.
The result is a fast-casual, meets high-end dining experience with increased variety and choice in dining options. The updated kitchen is better equipped to produce delicious meal options with modern technologies to increase safety and wellness. The bright, airy venue with its increased natural ventilation and direct connection to the outdoors has inspired more people to dine in the once under-used space. A breakfast club has sprung from the redesign, as well as “Pines After Dark”; a resident started evening dining experience with music and drinks. The community pride amongst residents and team members is palpable, and we’ve experienced a marked increase in family and friends joining for mealtimes.
Community Redevelopment Features Include:


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