Senior Community New Construction Design

Senior living new construction requires careful design that prioritizes both style and safety, including Universal Design considerations. Being familiar with local code requirements is key to its success. Trust Aneka Interiors to prepare for, and meet, all regulatory requirements for senior community new construction design.

Universal Design

Universal design principles play an integral part in senior living new construction, providing elements that are safe and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. This is especially essential in nursing home settings where patients may be recovering from surgeries or dealing with other health conditions that make stairs hazardous for them; any tub or shower with even the smallest lip could pose a potential tripping hazard for someone unable to lift their legs up easily.

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) are remodelers who specialize in adapting existing homes to incorporate universal design features, but it's also possible to incorporate these principles when building new houses, so that future modifications won't compromise aesthetics or compromise aesthetics.

Long-Term Planning

Long-term planning exercises are an essential element of senior living projects. Since these projects usually span multiple years, General Contracting firms must make sure that their plans are prepared for inspection and opening of the facility. Lockout/tagout procedures, advanced electrical work and plumbing systems need to be familiar in order to protect against major disruptions that could jeopardize completion. Having good relationships with local AHJs is vital so GCs can quickly get back up to code when issues arise.

An increasingly elderly population requires greater flexibility, and more seniors are choosing to age-in-place rather than move into assisted living or nursing facilities. There's been an emphasis on linking these communities with the neighborhood through intergenerational living or mixed-use buildings with coffee shops or retail services open to the public; some even feature coffee shops, lounge spaces, gyms or swimming pools that encourage physical activity and offer amenities like these for physical well-being.