28 July Summer Color Mix- Cucumber Elderflower Margarita Interior Design Inspiration

Posted at 3:38 PM

Summer Color Mix- Cucumber Elderflower Margarita

While many things this year feel abnormal because of Corona Virus, one thing that doesn’t have to change is mixing up a favorite summer cocktail to help us cool down on a hot, sticky night. This season we’re sharing some design inspiration in the form of a color pallet based on a “Cucumber Elderflower Margarita.” Just like the colors, this cocktail is blended full of bright and refreshing flavors that are sure to bring you out of your COVID-19 slump.
For a little more inspiration, we’ve pulled together an “entryway” based off our summer cocktail. It’s full of vibrant colors, creative patterns and rich textiles. Creating an engaging environment in the entry of your space sets the tone for the rest of the house. Like our summer cocktail inspiration, this entryway says “welcome to the party!”
Blend yourself up one of these refreshing margaritas, and enjoy our summer color inspiration.
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1. Prepare your margarita glasses by rimming them with salt.
2. Blend all ingredients together in blender.
3. Lastly pour blended drink into pre-rimmed glasses!
Recipe found Here