17 July Trend Watch- Modern Style

Posted at 5:49 PM

Trend Watch: Combining Color, & Pattern Texture

The sleek clean lines and hard edges of Modern Style tend to come off slightly cold and not as welcoming as some may desire. While this form of design tends to stay rather monochromatic and simplistic, it is never frowned upon to add a little excitement. Through the use of texture, pattern, and color this contemporary style can find perfect complementary blends.
Texture is an element of design that can easily be implemented into any space. A Kitchen or Basement Bar make for perfect examples of this. In the images below, take notice in the use of highly textured backsplash, island front, and ceiling.
Pattern is something that can be found in numbers of different applications. A few popular uses include applying fun fabrics to lounge chairs and sofas, tile layouts in varied ways, as well as, pops of exciting wallpaper. Patterns easily spice up any room and push designs to a whole new level! See a few eclectic examples below!
Color proves to be one of the easiest ways to implement greater detail and character into any space. This element of design must be used wisely, but being a little risky can sometimes allow for a larger reward. We love utilizing color through furniture pieces, accessories, and even wall paint options. See the following photos of lovely spaces done by fellow homeowners and designers.