22 October Trend Watch- Unique Lighting

Posted at 6:45 PM

Trend Watch: Unique Lighting & Light Features

Lighting tends to be one of the most overwhelming yet rewarding decisions to make regarding design. Whether the project is a fresh build, a remodel, or a simple update, lighting can quite literally be the “cherry on top.” With the end of the year graciously coming upon us, it is always interesting to look and see what trends took a bold stance in the design world and if they will carry through to the following year.
In 2018 there has been a large trend shift to a specific style that allows for modernization with a mix of personality and uniqueness. When it comes to lighting, the possibilities are endless. The use of mixed finishes, unique textures, exposed bulbs, mixed media, multiple layers, or blown glass have proven that being more individualistic makes for a much greater reward.
The images shown below are great examples of how these new styles of lighting allow for anyone to create personality and uniqueness in their space by the turn of a bulb and a flip of a switch!
Will we see these trends carry into 2019? We can’t wait to see!
Mixed Finishes – This may seem risky, but the amount of contrast that is created by this brass and matte black fixture allow for a clean look while remaining a little on the exciting side.
Textured Glass – A style like this creates a simple and easy interest for the eye. Some glass textures may be heavier than others allowing for the perfect amount of obscurity with an exposed bulb.
Exposed Bulbs – It is easy to say that exposure of varying bulb types have truly taken the stage for current lighting trends. It can push a design to be more modern or even industrial.
Mixed Media – While this look is only for certain designs, it is bold and oh so exciting! Fixtures like the ones above are great for filling a space, while remaining soft and airy. They really push the farmhouse style that is so highly desired in residential design today.
Mixed Media (2) – Another example of mixing certain medias can easily be seen in the combination of rustic wood and iron. This industrial and rustic fixture style can really make a house feel more like a home!
Clustering of Pendants – A great way to add a ton of visual interest to any space can be by layering or clustering your favorite pendants! Some fixtures may be produced this way while it is completely acceptable to create your very own with however many different styles, sizes, and finishes!
Blown Glass – The final major style that is very apparent today puts off such a natural and unique style. Blown glass comes in endless colorways, textures, and shapes! Let your creativity shine with a combination of multiple glass fixtures!
If you want to learn more about updating your home by adding unique lighting and fixtures, contact the team at Aneka Interiors, Inc!