6 August We’ve Grown!

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It’s been a little over a year since we last introduced ourselves over here at Aneka Interiors. While some faces are the same, we’ve been busy building our team! Below we’d like to give a warm welcome and introduction to Julie and Tricia. Read on, and hopefully you’ll feel like you and your project can grow with us and be apart of our family here at Aneka Interiors.

Julie Warren

Senior Interior Designer and Project Manager

Julie delights in comprehensive Interior Architecture that adheres to the principle that form follows function. “A Design’s true beauty lies not only in the aesthetic elements but also in the collaboration of the programming, regionality, and the functionality for the intended occupants”. Julie has a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design with a specialization in Green Design. Her skills and talents in Interior Design have been refined in her ten years of professional experience with Architecture firms in Denver. She has a background that has given insight into the importance of building relationships & highlighting connections between the exterior Architecture and Interior Design. She has been involved in both Renovation and large scale New Construction projects nationwide, and has specialized experience in the Senior Living industry.
Julie thrives when it comes to figuring out the details and constructability of various designs. She excels in the production of Construction Documents, as well as modeling 3D visuals and “walk-throughs” utilizing programs: Revit and Enscape. She takes pride and finds joy not only in cultivating each unique client relationship but also being able to put a client’s mind at ease by visually communicating the design intent of the space prior to commencement of construction.
As a Colorado native, she enjoys being outside with her friends and family: camping, hiking, and especially boating! She also spends her down time playing on her multiple volleyball recreation leagues in both the Summer and Winter seasons. Her current goal is to do more traveling to gain further insight and in-person experience with different cultures, natural landscapes, and awe inspiring exterior & interior Architecture around the world.

Last Book you Read? “We were the lucky ones”- True accounts of a Jewish family in Poland during the second World War, and their separate stories of determination, survival, and reunion.

A Song you can’t stop listening to? “High you are” by What So Not

Favorite place to have a meal? I really like to find authentic (Mom & Pop) Sushi Restaurants, my favorite so far is Sushi Uokura in Golden, CO.

A movie I could watch over and over is…. Forest Gump

Favorite Trip you’ve taken? Island of Kauai, Hawaii. I went in my 20’s with a girlfriend to visit a close friend that moved there. It was an incredible experience: we canoed & hiked along the Wailua River to an amazing waterfall, experienced the breathtaking Waimea Canyon, cliff jumped at Queen’s Bath, and skinny dipped in the Ocean at Hanalei Bay (found out the next morning that a large Shiver of Sharks were only a mile out- “all’s well that ends well I guess, haha”.

Pump-up song? “The Drop” by Bro Safari

Your favorite workout? Hands-down: Playing volleyball 😊 Outside hitter baby!

Tricia Guy

Senior Interior Designer and Project Manager

As the youngest of four girls, Tricia quickly became her father’s resident assistant on all home projects. Inspired by the endless creative capabilities in each project, Tricia knew design and construction was where she wanted to dedicate her career. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from The Illinois Institute of Art, Tricia has gained experience from a wide range within the design field: from high-end residential to commercial interiors. Working within the Senior Living design market established an instant connection with Tricia and has since been her focus for the past 10 years. Tricia’s positive outlook, passion for architectural design, and dedication to collaboration has created lasting relationships with industry partners looking to design and experience a unique blend of hospitality driven design with an emphasis of resident comfort.
Since relocating to Denver in 2018 from Wisconsin, Tricia enjoys experiencing everything Colorado has to offer. When she’s not in the mountains enjoying a hike with her significant other Eric and their fur-son Renzo, you can find her teaching her other passion, Pilates, to friends and family alike.

Favorite inspirational quote? “I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” -David Bowie

Go-to drink order? “What IPAs do you have on tap?” The hazier, the better in my opinion!

A movie I could watch over and over is…. The Wedding Singer. A guilty pleasure that’s hard not to sing along with whenever I watch it.

What’s your favorite part about where you live? The weather and landscape. Coming from the Midwest nothing beats being able to actually enjoy outdoor activities year round. The energy I feel when in the mountains confirms I’m where I need to be.

Most embarrassing song on your heavy Spotify rotation? Big Tymers – Get Your Roll On.

What advice would you give your 22 year-old self? Don’t be scared to try something new and even fail sometimes. You’ll learn so much if you venture outside your comfort level.

Your ideal Friday night in… New recipe Friday! My boyfriend and I find a new recipe to try and we cook together. Of course we end the night on the couch with our (fur) baby Renzo relaxing.

Welcome to the Team!

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